Posted by: Lindsay | October 5, 2009

spurious life.

At the exact moment that the displacement of accents began with the syncopation in the string quartet, she simply entered the room. Her seraphic face highlighted by the scintilla of sunlight shining through the curtains, her slender, toned legs accented by her tight-fitted navy pencil skirt and matching stilettos, he couldn’t look away. Pleasantries extended along the table and immediately her sobriquet filled his body with the intense pulse of his blood and he was only sentient for Mimi. Her name in his mouth tasted like the most sanguine summer watermelon and her sublime citrus perfume seemed to waft across the room and straight up his nose in the most insatiable manner. At the most seditious moment during this sudden, hypnotic spasm of the soul, it was as if Mimi could hear his heart stentorianly pounding her name and for no apparent reason at all, she looked directly into his faltering eyes. To slake the soporific reaction this young woman was causing him, our very own sybarite, Martin, excused himself for a drink that would allow for some fresh air to clear his senses.

Considering he was at his own sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner, he felt that he could speciously manage a sportive attitude to maintain his characteristic and preferred stasis around her, as opposed to the surfeit anxiety he had just experienced that didn’t leave much room for any sort of stratagem. Mimi’s was a name he had often heard mentioned and, despite being his sister’s closest friend from university, he hoped the stigma of the younger brother would not be held against him in her eyes. Clutching a double whiskey in his left hand, he sipped while contemplating the spartan disposition he needed to supplant his own sardonic and acerbic personality in order to win her approval.

Without a secured plan, Martin gulped down his drink, ordered another, and made his way into the extravagant dining room where no fewer than forty of his West Side parents’ closest friends were shouting at and over each other, like young lions being fed at a zoo, each trying to prove that his own sinecure is easier than his neighbors’ or that his own boss employs more martinet restrictions. Unlike the other sycophants in the room, Martin and his stolid reputation had progressed him quickly and effectively up the growing world of digital business, and the guests were all much too aware. His recent dismemberment of a beloved cartooning company and subsequent destruction of its children’s theme parks had done little to sully his reputation. Instead, his now-ex-partner’s inability to complete the transaction had besmirched his entire career and his was a self-implosion few anticipated. Nonetheless, Martin entered prideful and cavalier before he turned to tacitly engage Mimi sitting down the table.

Instead, as his eyes sought her out, hoping to be filled again with her resplendence, a glimmer caught his eye and his glance stopped upon her ring finger, attached to her perfect left hand, resting softly on another hand, a man’s – a man who was leaned suspicious close to his dear, whispering directly into her neck and causing her subtle giggles to slowly echo down the table and straight into our dear Martin’s rejecting ears. It was then that his father decided to begin the evening’s toasts for his only daughter’s big day.

“Like all fathers, I’m sure, this day we are celebrating comes wholly bittersweet. I used to grab my rifle every time a young man would come to my door when Marilee was in high school, but those tactics have changed. And my family could not be more blessed than to welcome Doug into our homes and our lives — Martin, would you like to say something?”

He had returned to his feet more out of anger than passion, but his surliness was lost on his father, who also failed to assess that his son was unrelentingly focused on the young woman with whom he’d just been acquainted. “Martin?” he pressed.

Caught off guard and with boiling blood, he began, “er, hm… yes, yes I would like to address the room.” He always spoke with such exacting precision, like his voice could break the equilibrium that had built up around him and he was constantly terrified of the ensuing chaos. “I would like to congratulate my beautiful twin sister on finding the man she always said she never needed, but whom I am sure she definitely wants. May their symbiosis incur with strong marital love and lustful passion like fervent bonobos,” he concluded with a smirk of disguised pain and spurious sarcasm. Whether or not his solecism was comprehended mattered little to Martin and his sad, lonely broken heart while the clapping and celebration continued. It was only when his fiancĂ©e scurried up out of her chair to kiss his cheek that he remembered his life before Mimi at all.


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