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My name is Lindsay Maple and I am the sole author behind Instant Brooklyn. I arrived in Brooklyn on August 25, 2009 after a grueling eight months of living in hell (aka Southern California). Immediately upon my arrival, an instant Brooklyn-fication took hold of my being and I have already decided that I never want to leave this city. Even going to Manhattan sounds like entering an alternate universe where people are purple whose eyes and ears have switched places… PASS!

As the coolest and most populous borough, Brooklyn has so much to offer that even it’s most long-term residents are always finding new restaurants to love and new local bookstores and boutiques to support. My goal is to express my findings with all that I encounter here as a new member. Let’s think of Brooklyn as the ultimate club to belong to, and since I’ve just been accepted, I am ingratiating myself into this new culture while still reflecting on my pre-Brooklyn past.

If you have anything to ask me, tell me, yell at me about, or that you’d like me to research more, please email me at instantbrooklyn (at) gmail (dot) com.


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